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Welcome to 10 Minute Mail

10minutemail.net is a free, disposable e-mail service. Your temporary e-mail address will expire after 10 minutes, after which you cannot access it. You can extend the time by 10 minutes.
The website you are registering with could be selling your personal information; you never know where your e-mail will be published. An email address with a 10 minute lifespan is the best solution to prevent this.


Q1: Can I customize mailboxes?

A1: NO, our website is a REAL disposable mail service, we cannot allow users to customize any name for the mailboxes. This is to protect the privacy of all users, thank you for your understanding.

Q2: Can my mailbox be regenerated?

A2: NO, we record a bitmap hash of the generated mailbox name. After the mailbox has been deleted, this record will prevent the same mailbox name ever being generated again.

Q3: It just 10 minutes?

A3: NO, you can extend the time before it expires, and always extend the time let mailbox does not expire.

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Please use Facebook or Email: [email protected] to contact us (in English or Chinese). Please note we may not always respond, but try to do our best.


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